AUGUST 22-24, 2019 (THURS-SAT) 
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This August, over 185 tax resolution practitioners will gather for the industry's most sought after event, the 2019 Annual Tax Resolution Success Summit in Dallas, TX. This year's 4th annual Success Summit promises to be even better than last year!  Would you like to join us?

My goal for you at this event is that when you leave Saturday afternoon you will have completed you very own Playbook with winning strategies you can put into practice Monday morning and start seeing results immediately.
How is this event different than any other event you'll attend? Because, within a span of 2-1/2 days, I am going to teach you, in detail, my step-by-step framework for growing your practice that includes specific actions to take from generating high quality leads, to closing the sale, to getting your fee paid in full before the case is settled.  

At this interactive workshop we'll create together, your very own marketing plan and budget for the next 12 months by reverse engineering how many leads you'll need to hit your revenue goals. Then, I'll give you the marketing strategies and the order in which to implement them to hit these goals. 

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out in this niche or you're a seasoned pro looking for that next level of growth.  I promise, you will gain the confidence needed to take your business to that next level!  

Besides sharing my secrets and strategies, I will have a few surprise speakers that will also give you specific tips that will supercharge your tax resolution practice. 

- Michael Rozbruch, CPA, CTRS
If you're serious about having a more lucrative tax practice, then you can't afford to miss my upcoming Success Summit. If you want more and better clients, the kind that pay large fees in advance and appreciate what you've done for them....then you have to come to Dallas, Texas.

Join over 185 of your peers, plus incredible guest speakers and industry vendors and learn hardcore implementation and demonstration on how to get more tax resolution prospects to retain you!

Imagine: a predictable flow of qualified tax resolution clients retaining you and referring you to others – that not only valued you, but also demonstrated that respect by compensating you at the rates you truly deserve… in ADVANCE!

Still not convinced attending this year's SUCCESS SUMMIT will grow your practice?

Here are some more reasons why you should attend and how it will reinvent your practice and change your life in 2019 and beyond...
  • The strategies for creatively generating all the leads you could ever want by attracting highly qualified, easy-to-work with potential clients.
  • 2-1/2 Days of PURE CONTENT where you'll learn "What's Working Today" in TOP Tax Resolution practices and how you can transfer these into to your own practice.
  • Learning what to charge tax resolution clients and get paid before their case is resolved - imagine how great it'll feel knowing that you'll finally be able to take home what you deserve!
  • An EASY way to close 90% of the prospects you either meet in person or speak with over the phone. (Even if you HATE selling, this eliminates all stress, fear, and doubt).
  • Learn why the way you "answer the phone" could be costing you tens-if-not-hundreds of thousands of dollars...
  • How to get clients to actually SHOW UP once they've made the appointment - you can't help them if they don't show up, this simple technique makes certain they'll be there.
  • And a whole lot more!

Eric Edmeades

After years of business building and operating, Eric turned his attention to public speaking, personal business development, and health. This sparked his journey as a serial entrepreneur, and internationally renowned speaker. After owning and operating companies in over 6 countries around the world, Eric became a business mentor and saw an opportunity to spread his knowledge in entrepreneurial success through his company Business Freedom. Eric has developed his brands in Business Freedom and WildFit, in an attempt to bring the people around him to a place of business and health vitality. With thousands of hours spent on stage, Eric is one of the biggest speakers in the business community, particularly in the context of entrepreneurship and business ownership. 

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Early Bird registration!  

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Here's What Attendees Had To Say...
I'm a CPA and an EA, and I exclusively do tax resolution. I met Michael about three years ago, and before I got into his program I couldn't figure out the marketing. I knew how to do the work, but I just couldn’t get clients. But I bought his program, and I've learned to do the direct mail marketing, I've done radio marketing, and all I can say is what I've learned from Michael has saved my business. If you're on the fence and wondering if this is the real deal or not, get off that fence, because it is the real deal. He saved my financial life, and I can't say enough good stuff about him. 
-Ken Mullinax, CPA, EA
I came to this conference not knowing anything. Everyone here is fantastic. Great group of community. But one of the key takeaways that we did, or we understood for our practice was Michael’s Audit Protection Plan. That’s something that we can implement tomorrow. I appreciate it. Thanks Michael.
-Zeb Elkinton, COO, Tax & Wealth Management, LLP
I'm an EA, and I sit on the Board of the New Jersey State Society of Enrolled Agents. My takeaway from this event is really full implementing the 7-Step Marketing Letter and that sales funnel, because ultimately the key is—the dollars are in the follow up, and without the follow up we really have nothing. When we're spending anywhere between $600 and $1,000 on a lead how many of those leads do I want sitting around collecting dust?   
-Ryan Mitchell, EA 
My biggest takeaway so far from the event is just the reiteration that the systems and processes for implementing tax resolution do work, and Roz Strategies and his entire team have an incredible program and I’m just very thankful to be a part of it. The direct mail campaign and the newsletter marketing has been absolutely phenomenal and the responses I’ve gotten from people, the clients and referrals; I would have never come up with these ideas on my own. It’s changed my business and professional life.
-Toph Sheldon, CPA

  • The Community  - Network with like-minded, growth-oriented practitioners who are focused on improving their business. Many of Michael's Diamond and Gold Insider's Circle and Mastermind members will be on hand to "rub shoulders" with.
  • Our Roz Strategies Team - We are the only company in the country who have devoted ourselves to teaching direct response marketing principles to CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Attorneys in the tax resolution niche.
  • The Location - Set in Dallas's Downtown City Center, just a short 15 minute drive from the airport,  Dallas is alive with nightclubs and fine dining. Walk to some of the famed live entertainment venues and galleries while you're here!
  • The Speakers - the information you'll receive is not found anywhere else. This 2-1/2 day event is customized to tax practitioner firm owners and their teams so that they can build a lucrative, thriving practice. The speakers we've chosen are experts on practice building topics.
  • Laser Focused - Our attendees have the opportunity to directly speak to our guest speakers  and sponsors getting access to ninja strategies that only few enjoy.  And of course you can connect one-on-one with the Roz Strategies Team, including Michael, allowing you to get the answers you need.
  • Competitive Advantage - Leap frog all the expensive trial and error your competitors are experiencing because you're here and they're not! Learn not just to survive all the changes our industry is going through, but to thrive!
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